Fire Boltt Android Watch Review

Fire Boltt Android Watch Or Say Fire Boltt Ultra Watch Review

Fire Boltt Android Watch Or Say Fire Boltt Ultra Watch Review

  • January 19, 2024
  • Kian

The Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch or say Fire Boltt Android Watch is a feature-packed device that attempts to redefine convenience by bringing your favorite smartphone features to your wrist. Priced at ₹6,999, it comes with a plethora of functionalities, including 4G LTE connectivity, Android OS, Play Store access, GPS, and a host of health and fitness features. However, user experiences have been mixed, and there are some notable drawbacks.

Fire Boltt Android Watch Specification

Product NameFire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch
Model NumberBSW202
Dial ColorGrey
Dial ShapeSquare
Strap ColorBlack
Strap MaterialSilicone
SizeFree Size
Water ResistantYes, IP67 (up to 1-meter depth)
Dial MaterialZinc Alloy, Vacuum Plating
Ideal ForMen & Women
Compatible OSAndroid & iOS
Brand Strap ColorMidnight Grace
Sales PackageSmartwatch, Charging Cable, Manual, Warranty Card
Display Size5.1 cm (2.02 inches)
Display Resolution320 x 386 Pixels
Display TypeIPS HD
Brightness600 nits
Refresh RateUp to 60 Hz
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity800mAh
Battery LifeUp to 3 days
Charging Time120 minutes
Rechargeable BatteryYes
Charger TypeUSB Cable
Stand By Time360 hours
Connectivity FeaturesBluetooth v5.0
Operating Range10 meters
Call FunctionYes
Notification TypeVibration & Ring
Other Connectivity Features2G GSM: B3/B5/B8, 3G WCDMA: B1/B5/B8, 4G LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20, 4G LTE TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41 (100M)
SensorHeart Rate Sensor, BD1662 Ultra Low Power Consumption, High Precision Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Detection Sensor, Pedometer, 3D G-Sensor
NotificationCall, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Other Social Apps, Sedentary Reminder, Goal Completion
Audio FeaturesInbuilt Speaker, Voice Control
DimensionsWidth: 49.5 mm, Height: 13.5 mm, Thickness: 13.5 mm
Weight50 g
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Warranty Service TypeContact [email protected] to Claim Warranty Or Call On 022-69089888. Replacement Will Be Given By The Brand Against Manufacturing Defects.
Covered in WarrantyManufacturing Defects
Not Covered in WarrantyPhysical & Water Damage
Domestic Warranty1 Year

Fire Boltt Android Watch Unboxing

The package includes silicone straps, providing users with options for customization. The silicone band and metal variations, coupled with a stainless steel body, offer users the choice to personalize their device. The charging cable utilizes a Paco connector pin for wireless charging, ensuring convenience for users.

Fire Boltt Android Watch Price In India

The Fire Boltt Android Watch Price in India is ₹6,999 if I am not wrong, I saw the price ₹5999 in the advertisement. However, Android watches like the s12 ultra 4g Android watch and other similar variants fall in the same range. But in my opinion, the price is a little higher than I expected. It should be under 5000rs. 

Fire Boltt Android Watch

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Fire Boltt Android Watch Design & Build

The Fire Boltt Android watch design is inspired by well know brand Apple. It is quite similar to the Apple watch series 7, 8, or ultra, and you can call it the Fire Boltt ultra watch as well. The Smartwatch combines with futuristic design and rugged build, offering an attractive square dial made from Zinc Alloy with Vacuum Plating for ruggedness. With 320 x 386 pixels high resolution and 600 nits brightness which ensures a clear, modern, and immersive visual experience opportunity, the Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch has a 5.1 cm (2.02 inches) CrystalView display. The silicone band was created with comfort in mind but it also adds to the overall look. The water resistance rating is IP67 and, hence, the smartwatch is capable of operation in such a wide variety of environmental settings. User-friendly aspects are a never-off display so that the user is always up-to-date with the information, and at 50 grams, the device is a compromise of display size while at the same time being wearable. A classic grey dial stylish watch with a black strap, the Fire Boltt Android Watch is an equally sleek and –efficient timepiece for everyday wear.

Fire Boltt Android Watch Design & Build

Fire Boltt Android Watch Display

The Fire-Boltt DREAM Smartwatch features a 2-inch LCD with a resolution of 320×386 pixels, offering a visually compelling and sharp interface. Despite not being AMOLED, the display provides vibrant colors, clear text, and satisfactory brightness levels for both indoor and outdoor use. The touchscreen functionality allows users to navigate menus, customize watch faces, and access various features easily. The display supports video playback, contributing to the device’s entertainment capabilities. With a user-friendly interface and customization options, the Fire Boltt Android Watch display plays a central role in delivering an immersive and functional experience on the wrist.

Fire Boltt Android Watch Display

Fire Boltt Android Watch Battery Life

If you ask me for a genuine review of the Fire Boltt Android Watch Battery Life, it could be better. The battery life sucks. You can’t run the watch the entire day with a battery capacity of 800mAh. At the price of Rs 6999, we can expect a battery life that can run whole the day. If you are calling it a wrist phone, and if you don’t go out carrying it for a whole day, it doesn’t mean anything. But the good part is that you can increase its capability by using it conveniently. And hopefully, Fire-bolts look into this and we will see improvement in future additions. 

charging the smartwatch is relatively convenient, taking around 1 hour. However, the device’s reliance on wireless charging with a Paco connector pin may be perceived as a potential drawback, with this method possibly being slower compared to other charging options. Users should consider their usage patterns and charging preferences when evaluating the Fire-Boltt DREAM Smartwatch’s battery life.

How To Set Time in Smartwatch Fire Boltt

How to Sync Contacts In Fire Boltt Smartwatch

Fire Boltt Android Watch All Features

Let’s move to the important part, Features, yeah, of course, no one gonna miss that part. Without knowing the features, we can’t think of buying any stuff. So let’s check out all the features of the Fire Boltt Android Watch, one by one:

  1. 4G LTE Support:

With 4G LTE connectivity, the smartwatch makes it possible for users to call or surf online directly from their wrist. This is its unique aspect that ensures a phone-like experience without the need for any other smartphone.

Fire Boltt Android Watch All Features
  1. Built-in GPS:

With built-in GPS, the smartwatch enables accurate location tracking and navigation. This feature enhances its utility for outdoor activities and fitness tracking.

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

The device supports Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to connect to local networks for internet access, app downloads, and other online functionalities.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: 

Bluetooth connectivity allows the smartwatch to pair with other devices, such as smartphones, headphones, or external speakers. This enhances its versatility for hands-free calls and audio playback.

  1. App Compatibility:

The smartwatch supports the installation of apps from the Google Play Store, expanding its capabilities beyond built-in features. Users can access a variety of apps to tailor the device to their preferences.

  1. Hotspot Creation: 

Users have the option to create a hotspot using the smartwatch, providing internet connectivity to other devices in the vicinity.

  1. Payment Capabilities: 

The device supports UPI apps, enabling users to make payments directly from the smartwatch. This feature adds convenience for on-the-go transactions.

  1. Wireless Charging: 

The smartwatch utilizes wireless charging with a Paco connector pin, simplifying the charging process. However, users should note that this method may be slower compared to other charging options.

  1. Compatibility: 

The Fire-Boltt DREAM Smartwatch is compatible with various devices, offering flexibility in its integration into the user’s tech ecosystem.

  1. Social Media Integration: 

The smartwatch provides features like viewing reel shorts, adding a social media element to its connectivity offerings.

  1. Sim Card Support:

It also supports nano-sim cards like a smartphone, which allows you to use the watch independently. It’s the first-ever smartwatch with sim card from fire-bolts. 

  1. Storage

Under the hood, the Fire-Boltt DREAM impresses with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and a Quad-Core processor. Supporting Google Play Store, the smartwatch opens up a world of possibilities for app installations

Fire Boltt Android Watch Health Monitoring

The Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch incorporates robust health monitoring features, providing users with comprehensive insights into their well-being. Here are the key health monitoring functionalities:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring:
    • The smartwatch is equipped with a heart rate sensor, allowing users to monitor their heart rate in real-time.
    • This feature is essential for tracking and maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitoring:
    • The device includes a Blood Oxygen Detection Sensor for monitoring blood oxygen levels.
    • SpO2 monitoring is crucial for assessing oxygen saturation in the blood, offering insights into respiratory health.
  • Automatic Motion Recognition:
    • The smartwatch can automatically recognize various physical activities and movements.
    • This feature enhances the accuracy of fitness tracking by identifying different exercise routines.
  • Sleep Tracking:
    • The device monitors and analyzes sleep patterns, providing insights into the quality and duration of sleep.
    • Sleep tracking helps users understand their sleep cycles and make adjustments for better sleep hygiene.
  • Breathe Monitoring:
    • The smartwatch includes features for monitoring breathing patterns.
    • This functionality may assist users in practicing mindful breathing exercises for stress reduction and relaxation.
  • Smart Alarm and Sedentary Reminder:
    • The inclusion of a smart alarm helps users wake up at optimal times in their sleep cycle.
    • Sedentary reminders encourage users to stay active by prompting them to move after extended periods of inactivity.
  • Health Suite:
    • The Health Suite feature combines various health monitoring metrics, providing users with a holistic overview of their health conditions.
    • It serves as a comprehensive tool for individuals looking to maintain a proactive approach to their well-being.

These health monitoring features make the Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch not only a communication and entertainment device but also a valuable companion for users focused on maintaining and improving their health. The integration of such health-centric functionalities enhances the overall utility of the smartwatch in supporting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fire Boltt Android Watch Connectivity

With multi-connectivity options, the Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch provides adaptable connectivity features to improve its functionality and user experience. Here are the key connectivity features of the Fire Boltt Android Watch:

  1. 4G LTE Nano-SIM:
  • The smartwatch is compatible with a 4G LTE nano-SIM card, allowing for direct cellular connection.
  • The smartwatch allows users to place calls and use mobile data directly without the need for a paired phone.
  1. WiFi Connectivity:
  • WiFi enabled for connecting to neighboring wireless networks and online downloads.
  • Allows easy browsing and going online services.
  1. Bluetooth v5.0:
  • It includes v5.0 Bluetooth for effective high-speed wireless interaction.
  • It provides compatibility with other Bluetooth devices like phones, headphones, etc.
  1. GPS Functionality:

Through GPS integration, users can navigate and track location-based activities.

For fitness tracking, mapping, and position-based services.

  1. True Wireless Stereo (TWS):

Offers TWS connectivity through Bluetooth which enables the users to use true wireless stereo earbuds for a complete and rich sound.

  1. Quick Bluetooth Data Transfer:

It provides easy Bluetooth data transfer features, enabling fast transfer of data from the smartwatch to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  1. 4G LTE Bands:

Also compatible with multiple 4G LTE bands such as FDD, and TDD.

  1. Operating Range:

A Bluetooth range of 10 meters, which allows the user to freely connect and use the smartwatch through compatible devices.

  1. Android OS and Play Store:
  • Operates on the Android OS, making it compatible with most Android applications.
  • The Google Play Store is available to users with which they can install applications directly on smartwatches.

Taken together, these connectivity features enable the Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch to function as a self-sufficient and independent device that meets multiple demands for communication, entertainment, and productivity without requiring continuous inputs from an accompanying smartphone.

Fire Boltt Android Watch Compatibility

Broad compatibility is provided by the Fire-Boltt Dream Smartwatch that supports all Android and iOS devices making it user-friendly on a wide range of mobile platforms. Operating on the Android OS, this smartwatch is easy to pair with other devices such as Android phones and tablets. The user will have a very friendly environment as will be able to install apps from the Google Play Store which are used in their Android Smartphones. As well, the smartwatch also extends its functionality to iOS users allowing connectivity with iPhones and iPads although some of the features may not be available as it is in Android. The device uses Bluetooth connectivity, which enables pairing the devices with numerous Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and their app availability is further enhanced due to the inclusion of the Google Play Store for Android supporters. For best working conditions, users are advised to refer to details and updates in the official documentation as well as app stores regarding compatibility.

Fire Boltt Android Watch Pros & Cons


  1. Wristphone Functionality: One of the key features is the wristphone, a feature that enables you to make calls, and run apps among others directly from your wrists.
  2. Connectivity: The presence of a 4G LTE nano-SIM and WiFi ensures constant connectivity on different networks.
  3. Unlimited App Access: Given access to the over 1000 apps from the Play Store, all types of potentials are not left uncovered – social media and utility applications.
  4. Impressive Display: With an excellent resolution and brightness, the large 5.1 cm (2.04) CrystalView display is visible even in sunlight
  5. Water Resistance: The IP67 water-resistant function makes it more durable and usable during rain or exercise.


  1. Despite the 800mAh battery on this device, users have complained of horrible battery life even if a short call causes a shutdown.
  2. There are some heat problems which is not very severe but may need further optimization in future updates.
  3. Many users have poor connections to phones and complaints regarding fast charging.
  4. Maps also do not work properly. 
  5. There is no basic feature of Bluetooth calling.
  6. All digital watch faces will have 24 hr time.
  7. The raise-to-wake function is very slow and it will take 2 seconds before you are woken up.
  8. No double tap to wake
  9. No widget support


In conclusion, the Fire-Boltt DREAM Smartwatch emerges as a pioneer in the wrist phone category. This comprehensive review aims to equip potential buyers and tech enthusiasts with a detailed understanding of the device’s features, performance, and overall utility. As the market witnesses the evolution of smartwatches, the Fire-Boltt DREAM stands as a noteworthy contender, pushing the boundaries of what a wrist-worn device can achieve in 2024.

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