Oho Pro Smartwatch Review

Oho Pro Smartwatch Review: Customers don’t like it

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Oho Pro Smartwatch Review: Customers don’t like it

  • February 8, 2024
  • Kian

The Oho Pro Smartwatch promises an array of health and fitness features at an affordable price of $98.99, but customer reviews indicate a mixed experience. Let’s break down the key aspects based on the feedback received.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Price in UK & Buying Tips

The Oho Pro Smartwatch is priced at £78.36 in the UK. However, the company is offering an additional 10% discount, bringing the price down to £70.50. You can purchase the Oho Pro Smartwatch from the official website of the company, OhoWatch.com. At the moment, the smartwatch is not available on Amazon, so its price on that platform cannot be clarified. The company also offers free shipping on all orders within the UK. Additionally, customers can also purchase the smartwatch with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Oho Pro Smartwatch

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Oho Pro Smartwatch Specifications

NameOho Pro smartwatch
DetailsAll Your Health Vitals, In Real Time
Dimensions45x38x10mm or 1.78×1.50×0.40 inches
CompatibilityiOS and Android
DisplayTempered touchscreen glass
Water ResistanceIP68 protection (splash, dust, and shock resistant)
Battery LifeLong-lasting, powerful 220mAh battery
Health MonitoringECG, Blood O2, Blood Pressure, 24/7 Heart Rate
Fitness TrackingState-of-the-art fitness tracking with various exercise and sports modes
NotificationsCalls, Texts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Email, and more
Sleep TrackingMonitor your sleep quality to ensure a healthier lifestyle
Sedentary WarningGet alerts to move more and stay active for better health
Event RemindersSet reminders to never miss important events
Step CounterAccurate step counting for daily activity tracking
ConnectivityBluetooth connection to smartphones for seamless data syncing
App SupportFitCloudPro app for setup, data storage, and additional features
Additional FeaturesTouch screen and case, shake-to-take-a-photo function, automatic health monitoring, weather forecast
Warranty1-year warranty for product quality issues

Oho Pro Smartwatch Design and Comfort:

In terms of design and comfort, certain customers encountered issues with the Oho Pro Smartwatch strap. They found it challenging to attach and close, particularly noting difficulties faced by older users. The requirement of a screwdriver to secure the strap was highlighted, posing a potential inconvenience for many users. These challenges raised concerns about the overall user-friendliness and accessibility of the smartwatch, indicating a potential area for improvement in its design.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Design and Comfort
Oho Pro Smartwatch Review

Oho Pro Smartwatch Display

The OHO Pro smartwatch display is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, measuring 45x38x10mm or 1.78×1.50×0.40 inches. It offers a range of features tailored to enhance daily life and health monitoring.

The primary display showcases various watch faces that you can customize to match your style or mood. With a simple press and hold, you can access additional watch faces or upload your own pictures, adding a personal touch to your device.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Control Center, where you can manage essential settings such as enabling Do Not Disturb mode, toggling Power Saving mode, adjusting menu styles, brightness levels, and more.

Quick access icons in the Control Center allow you to navigate to essential functions like Sleep Mode, Battery Status, Menu Settings, Screen Brightness, and even locate your phone with the Find Phone feature.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view recent messages and notifications from your connected smartphone. By enabling notification permissions within the FitCloudPro app, you can stay informed directly from your wrist.

Access specialized sports modes like walking, running, climbing, basketball, and badminton, allowing you to track and record your workouts with ease. The stopwatch and timer functionalities further enhance your fitness experience.

Measure vital health metrics such as blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels, and perform ECG tests directly from your wrist. The OHO Pro provides accurate readings and saves data for future reference via the FitCloudPro app.

Pair your OHO Pro with the FitCloudPro app to control music playback on your smartphone. Play, pause, adjust volume, and switch tracks effortlessly from your smartwatch.

Utilize functions like an Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, and Timer, and Find your Phone directly from your OHO Pro. These features enhance productivity and convenience in your daily routine.

Access settings to customize menu styles, language preferences, vibration intensity, and more. Personalize your OHO Pro experience according to your preferences and needs.

In summary, the OHO Pro smartwatch display offers a comprehensive range of features and customization options, making it a reliable companion for staying connected and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Health Monitoring Features:

The Oho Pro Smartwatch offers a robust suite of health monitoring features, encompassing ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and continuous 24/7 heart rate tracking. Despite these capabilities, user feedback suggests dissatisfaction with the accuracy of these health metrics. Specifically, concerns were raised about the effectiveness of the ECG functionality and the absence of certain sports modes, indicating that the key health-related features, considered pivotal selling points, may not meet user expectations. This discrepancy highlights potential areas for improvement in the smartwatch’s health monitoring capabilities.

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Oho Pro Smartwatch App Connectivity and Customer Service:

Issues related to connectivity with the app have been a recurring problem for some users. The need for more responsiveness from customer support, as described by several customers, raises concerns about the overall customer service quality. Instances of automated responses and delays in addressing critical issues like connectivity problems and device failures are significant drawbacks.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Battery Life and Durability:

On a positive note, the Oho Pro Smartwatch is praised for its long battery life, lasting throughout busy days. The device’s water-resistant and durable features, such as the tough screen and case, provide a sense of reliability. However, the claim of IP68 protection should be taken with caution, as users are advised to avoid showers, baths, and saltwater, limiting its real-world applicability.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Compatibility:

One of the standout features of the OHO Pro smartwatch is its wide compatibility range. Whether you own an iPhone dating back to the 4s (2011) the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, or an Android device from October 31st, 2013, onwards, this smartwatch ensures a hassle-free Bluetooth connection, making it accessible to a broad user base.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Water Resistance:

While the OHO Pro smartwatch is rated to IP68, caution is advised against wearing it in the shower, bath, or sea. The watch’s seals may be compromised by steam, and corrosive substances like soaps and shampoos, as well as saltwater, can impact its longevity. Users should exercise care to ensure the durability of the device.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Strap Options:

Users have the flexibility to choose between a metal Milanese strap and a silicone rubber strap, allowing for customization based on personal style and comfort preferences. This versatility enhances the overall appeal of the OHO Pro, catering to a diverse range of users.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Charging and Connectivity:

Charging the OHO Pro smartwatch is a straightforward process, thanks to the included USB cable. The magnetic charging pins on the back of the watch align effortlessly with the charging spots, making the process quick and efficient. A few hours of charging time are sufficient to attain a full charge, ensuring minimal downtime for users.

Oho Pro Smartwatch App

The Oho Pro Smartwatch App, also known as FitCloudPro, offers a seamless experience for users looking to enhance their fitness and lifestyle tracking. Installing the app is a straightforward process, with two convenient methods available.

Method 1 involves scanning a QR code using your smartphone’s camera. Upon scanning, you’ll be directed to the appropriate app store, where you can download FitCloudPro. Alternatively, Method 2 allows users to search for FitCloudPro directly in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on their device’s operating system.

Once installed, the next step is crucial: connecting the FitCloudPro app to your Oho Pro smartwatch via Bluetooth. This step ensures that the app can communicate with your device effectively. The process involves turning on your Oho Pro smartwatch and initiating the pairing process within the FitCloudPro app on your phone.

Following the provided instructions within the app, users can easily locate their Oho Pro device and establish a connection. It’s essential to ensure that both your smartwatch and phone’s Bluetooth functionalities are enabled and that they are within a reasonable distance for successful pairing.

Troubleshooting tips are provided within the app in case of any connection issues. These include verifying that both Bluetooth signals are strong, minimizing interference from other electronic devices, and attempting to reconnect if necessary. By following these guidelines, users can overcome potential obstacles and enjoy a seamless connection between their Oho Pro smartwatch and the FitCloudPro app.

Once successfully connected, users can explore the various features and settings offered by the app to personalize their experience. From tracking fitness metrics to customizing notifications, the Oho Pro Smartwatch App empowers users to optimize their wearable technology to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Positive Turnaround:

One reviewer shared a positive turnaround experience after initial challenges with the WearPro app. While this is encouraging, the inconsistency in user experiences, especially regarding app connectivity and support, remains a concern.

Oho Pro Smartwatch Pros & Cons


  1. Affordable price at $98.99.
  2. Comprehensive health monitoring features.
  3. State-of-the-art fitness tracking.
  4. Notification and message alerts.
  5. Long battery life (220mAh).
  6. Water-resistant and durable design (IP68).
  7. Compatibility with both iPhone and Android.


  1. Strap design issues reported.
  2. Concerns about accuracy in health monitoring.
  3. Connectivity issues and app challenges.
  4. Customer service dissatisfaction.
  5. Limited 30-day return window.


The Oho Pro Smartwatch appears to offer an attractive set of features at an affordable price. However, the negative feedback regarding strap design, health feature accuracy, app connectivity, and customer service cannot be ignored. Potential buyers should consider these issues carefully before purchasing, weighing the affordability against the reported drawbacks.

In the competitive smartwatch market, the Oho Pro may need improvements in design, functionality, and customer service to truly stand out and provide a satisfying user experience.


Is Oho Pro waterproof?

Yes, the Oho Pro smartwatch is water-resistant with an IP68 rating, indicating that it is protected against dust ingress and immersion in water up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. However, it’s important to note that while it can withstand splashes, rain, and brief immersion in water, it’s not suitable for activities like showering, bathing, or swimming in pools or saltwater. Exposing the watch to such conditions may cause damage and void the warranty.

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