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Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: Which smartwatch is better for you?

  • July 24, 2022
  • Kian

Know everything, how is the Fitbit Sense different from the Apple Watch 7?

It’s no secret that Apple’s unpredictable creativity is one of its most exemplary traits. The Apple Watch 7 is one of the fruits of its creative list of products. But Fitbit has its own brand of creativity and is known for its fitness trackers and smartwatches that focus on health-related activities, which you can see in its most recent smartwatch; the Fitbit sense, which comes with countless health-related features, which we will examine in this article one by one.

Let’s see the Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: which one comes out best on various counts?

What do you get when you unbox Fitbit Sense?

Sense box includes:

  • Fitbit Sense with a small band.
  • An additional large band.
  • A magnetic attachable charging cable

What do you get when you unbox Apple Watch 7?

  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Bands/ Straps
  • Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable

Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: Price and Value

Apple Watch 7 prices start at $399 and range up to $799 for different models. The starting price is $399 for the 41mm GPS-only model, and $429 for the larger 45mm model, and if you go for cellular connectivity, it could cost an extra $100. All these prices apply to aluminum models; stainless steel models are typically priced at $799.

The Fitbit Sense only comes in one configuration for $299 and there are three color options available; Sage Gray, Carbon & Lunar White. Also, it comes with two wrist bands of different sizes.

The primary price difference between Apple Watch 7 starting model and the Fitbit Sense is $100. No doubt we can get an extra discount on Fitbit Sense models. It’s a little tough to measure value for money, Apple provides some unique features with its expensive range of Apple Watch 7. Most of the favor is going towards Fitbit Sense, as you’ll get a slew of features like the Apple Watch 7 at a discounted price. So we can say Fitbit Sense is the winner in terms of pricing.

Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: Design and personalization

There does not appear to be any major change in the design of the Apple Watch 7, it’s identical to Apple Watch 6, the only difference we can see is in its screen size, which comes with a slightly larger display. But we can recognize it due to its 1.7mm narrow bezel, which provides the Apple Watch 7 larger look without making it bulky.

It comes with a navigation button on its right side to assist you. Its band mechanics are quite similar to its previous models. This solid-built model now has more crack resistance and is more durable. In addition to its water resistance up to 50 meters, the Apple Watch 7 also provides IP6X dust resistance, allowing users to wear the watch in dusty environments without worrying.

The Apple Watch 7 aluminum case comes in five colors: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, and Cherry Red. The Stainless Steel models are available in four colors: Silver, Gold, Graphite, and Space Black.

The look and design of Fitbit Sense are almost identical to that of Versa 3. There are some minor differences like both these back plates which are different colors but other than that they are almost identical. The overall look of the Fitbit sense is seriously premium.

It has a stainless steel ring and is made of corn gorilla glass 3. It also of course comes in a couple of other different colors. On the back, it has a super smooth finish with charging connectors and heart rate sensors and on the left-hand side is a haptic button which helps in the water resistance up to 50 meters (164 feet) and gives it a more stylish appearance than the sporty Apple Watch 7.

You can also interchange watch straps, the strap mechanism has been seriously updated compared to previous models. It is really easy to change the straps, so to do that, you just need to click the button towards the strap, and just like that, it detaches, then go ahead and do the other side and put the new straps in.

Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: Display

The Watch Series 7 boasts 20 percent more screen area in comparison to the Watch Series 6. With the Always-On Retina display, you can view the watch face up to 70 percent brighter indoors than with the Apple Watch Series 6. To improve readability The Apple Watch Series 7 also offers an optimized user interface for larger displays, which comes with two unique watch faces – Contour and Modular Duo – designed specifically for the new device. Apple Watch Series 7 offers a new touch-and-swipe QWERTY keyboard with QuickPath, which allows users to swipe with one finger to type.

The Fitbit Sense offers a 1.58-inches AMOLED display with corn gorilla glass 3. It also offers 1,000 nits of brightness, the same as in the Apple Watch 7. The Fitbit Sense display provides a lot of customization in it, swipe down to see notifications, swipe up to see the widgets, swipe left to see the apps, and swipe right to open quick settings. You can adjust brightness and Screen timeout.

Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: Fitness and health-related features

When it comes to tracking your fitness goals, Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch 7 are almost identical in terms of Fitness and health-related features. Both the smartwatches come with SpO2 monitoring, to measure your blood oxygen levels. If you like outdoor activities like riding and cycling, both the watches use advanced algorithms to analyze GPS, heart rate, accelerometer, and gyroscope data to detect your ride, and automatic Workout reminders prompt you to work out.

Both watches have an ECG sensor approved by the FDA to monitor your heart for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib), a heart rhythm irregularity that can be a sign of a serious health condition. Common health tracking features in Apple Watch 7 and Fitbit Sense are ‎Accelerometer, Activity Tracker, Calorie Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, and Heart Rate Tracking.

But the Fitbit Sense does come with a few additional sensors, such as a skin temperature sensor that contributes to the detection of overall health parameters, and an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, which helps detect your stress levels.

Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 7: Smartwatch Features

In terms of features, the Fitbit Sense lags slightly behind the Apple Watch 7. No doubt Apple is focused on health and fitness over the years, and still keeps improving by integrating a range of features. Apple Watch 7 offers watchOS 8 software and its updates annually. The Apple Watch 7 also offers a built-in map and compass, so you can use it to navigate around unfamiliar places.

Moving on to the smartwatch features, now the biggest thing you’ll probably notice when using the interfaces of both of these watches is that the apple watch 7 is really fast and really responsive whereas the Fitbit OS in the Fitbit sense is not quite as responsive, there’s a little bit of a lag and especially when it comes to transferring things like new watch faces or even syncing other apps to the watch that can take up to 30 seconds. So overall, the apple watch is much faster in terms of general performance.

Being smart watches both of them can receive notifications from your phone whether you are on android or ios on the Fitbit. Now you can respond to notifications on the apple watch using emojis or scribbling on a keyboard or even dictating with your voice, but the Fitbit sense only lets you respond to notifications if you’ve paired it with an android phone. If you’re on an iPhone all you’ll be able to do is just see the calls and notifications coming, you won’t be able to respond to notifications, but If you’re on an android, you’ll be able to respond to your voice, thanks to the built-in speaker and mic on the topic of calls. Apple watch is the only one that has a built-in LTE option, this means you will be able to take calls and stream music when you are out or without your phone. But if you want to receive calls on the Fitbit Sense, you definitely need to have your phone with you.

You can also talk to a smart assistant on both of these watches, Siri on the Apple watch and Alexa or the google assistant on the Fitbit sense. It’s okay the Alexa application in the Fitbit sense, but it doesn’t really do that much and it’s a bit slow. Siri is a little bit better on the apple watch, it just lets you do some more things and it’s faster.

Now the way that both of these watches store music is different, so the big thing you need to know is that you can store your own music on the apple watch 7, you can not on the Fitbit sense, which is a massive downside, the only way you can listen to music offline or when you don’t have a connection on the Fitbit sense is when you have a Deezer or a Pandora premium subscription, now there is a Spotify app on the Fitbit sense but it only acts as a remote control, it does not let you store music offline.

If you have the apple watch 7 and you use the always-on-display you’ll need to charge it pretty much every day, but the Fitbit sense of the always-on display will last at least two days even longer. If you turn off the always-on display on both of the smart watches, the apple watch 7 gives you around a day and a half of battery life, if you turn, the always-on display off and are trying to do sleep tracking, this is pretty much the same may be a little bit better than what the series 6 was. The Fitbit sense will give you around four and a half to almost five days of use between charges, including sleep tracking, stress tracking, and all of the other things on board so that’s great, even though it didn’t quite meet the Fitbit claim of five to six days of battery life with the display off.


When it comes down to it, both the Apple Watch 7 and Fitbit Sense are excellent fitness smart watches. The watches have a lot of features in common, but they also offer some key differences that could make one or the other a better choice for you. If you’re looking for a new device to help you track your health and stay motivated throughout the day, either one might be just what you need. But don’t forget about the price! With so many different options out there today it can be hard to know where to start when it comes time to pick up a new wearable solution.

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