Best Bezel Less Smart Watch in India (Under 5000, 2000, & 3000 INR)

Smartwatches have become an integral part of our lives, and the demand for bezel-less designs is on the rise. A Bezel Less Smart Watch offers a sleek and modern design, providing a larger display area. In this article, we’ll explore the best Bezel Less Smart watches available in India, categorized by different price ranges.

How to Choose the Best Bezel Less Smart Watch for You

Before delving into the options, it’s crucial to consider certain factors when choosing a Bezel Less Smart watch:

  1. Display Size and Design: Opt for a smartwatch with a bezel-less design to maximize display size and aesthetics.
  2. Features and Functionalities: Evaluate the features like fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, battery life, and compatibility with your smartphone.
  3. Brand Reputation and Reviews: Research reputable brands and read customer reviews to gauge the performance and reliability of the smartwatch.
  4. Budget: Set a budget and choose a smartwatch that fits your financial parameters.
Bezel Less Smart Watch in India

Top 5 Best Bezel Less Smart Watch in India

India’s market for smartwatches has seen a surge in demand, and bezel-less designs have become a sought-after feature for tech enthusiasts. A Bezel Less Smart watch offers not only a visually appealing aesthetic but also a more immersive user experience with a larger display. As we navigate through the landscape of smartwatches, we unveil the finest contenders in different price categories, each presenting a bezel-less marvel, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Let’s delve into the top 5 Bezel Less Smart watches, categorized based on their respective price brackets, to help you find the perfect balance between innovation and affordability.

1. Amazfit GTS 2 (New Version) Smart Watch

Amazfit GTS 2 (New Version) Smart Watch has emerged as one of the Best Bezel Less Smart Watch in India. Boasting an Ultra HD AMOLED display, this bezel-less marvel captivates with its clarity and vibrancy. Integrated Amazon Alexa streamlines your daily tasks with voice commands. With built-in GPS, SpO2, and stress monitoring, it’s a comprehensive health tracker. Enjoy Bluetooth phone calls, 3GB music storage, and 90 sports modes for a dynamic lifestyle. The sleek Space Black design adds a touch of sophistication.

Amazfit GTS 2 (New Version) Smart Watch Feature & Specification

  • Ultra HD AMOLED Display
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Built-in GPS
  • SpO2 & Stress Monitor
  • Bluetooth Phone Calls
  • 3GB Music Storage
  • 90 Sports Modes
  • Space Black Design
Amazfit GTS 2 Smart Watch

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Amazfit GTS 2 Smart Watch for Men Android iPhone, Bluetooth Phone Call, Built-in ALEXA & GPS, Fitness Watch with 90 Sports Modes, Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Tracker, 5 ATM Water Resistant, Black

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2. Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin Venu 2 Plus Smartwatch represents the Best Bezel Less Smart Watch in India, offering a fusion of style and functionality. With built-in GPS, it provides accurate tracking for your outdoor adventures. Stay connected with call and text features directly from your wrist. It offers advanced health monitoring, including heart rate, sleep, and stress tracking. Dive into your fitness journey with a range of fitness features tailored to your needs.

Garmin Venu 2 Plus Smartwatch Feature & Specification

  • Built-in GPS for Accurate Tracking
  • Call and Text Features
  • Advanced Health Monitoring
  • Fitness Features for Comprehensive Tracking
Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Save $10 with coupon (limited sizes/colours)

Garmin Venu 2 Plus, GPS Smartwatch with Call and Text, Advanced Health Monitoring and Fitness Features

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3. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular 45mm is recognized as the Best Bezel Less Smart Watch in India. Encased in Midnight Aluminium with a Midnight Sport Band, it’s a stylish accessory. Enjoy the freedom of cellular connectivity and GPS tracking. The larger display offers enhanced visibility and intuitive interaction. With a multitude of apps and health features, it’s a comprehensive companion for your daily life.

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular 45mm Feature & Specification

  • GPS + Cellular Connectivity
  • Midnight Aluminum Case
  • Midnight Sport Band – Regular Size
  • Large Display for Enhanced Visibility
  • Diverse App Ecosystem
  • Comprehensive Health Features
Apple Watch Series 8

Save $10 with coupon (limited sizes/colours)

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular 45mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band – Regular

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4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Bluetooth 44mm is celebrated as the Best Bezel Less Smart Watch in India, characterized by its sleek Graphite finish. This smartwatch seamlessly integrates with Android devices, delivering ultimate connectivity with Bluetooth compatibility. The 44mm display ensures clarity and readability. With a range of apps and fitness features, it’s designed to elevate your lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Bluetooth 44mm Feature & Specification

  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Seamless Pairing
  • Graphite Finish for a Modern Look
  • 44mm Display for Enhanced Clarity
  • Android Compatibility for Smooth Integration
  • Diverse App Ecosystem
  • Fitness Features to Boost Your Active Lifestyle
Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Save $10 with coupon (limited sizes/colours)

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Bluetooth (44 mm, Graphite, Compatible with Android only)

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5. Google Pixel Watch 2

The Google Pixel Watch 2 Smartwatch, accompanied by an Obsidian Active Strap, is esteemed as the Best Bezel Less Smart Watch in India. Engineered by Google, it maximizes the potential of your day. Equipped with an advanced multi-path heart-rate sensor and Google AI, it sets new standards in heart-rate tracking. Experience a range of health and fitness features, including sleep tracking, heart rate notifications, and Daily Readiness Score.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Smartwatch Feature & Specification

  • Personalized Health and Fitness Features
  • Advanced Heart-Rate Tracking with Multi-path Sensor and Google AI
  • Sleep Tracking and Heart Rate Notifications
  • Daily Readiness Score for Optimized Productivity
  • Enhanced Safety Features including Fall Detection and Emergency SOS
  • Seamless Integration with Google Apps and Services: Google Assistant, Gmail, Calendar, and more
  • Impressive 24-Hour Battery Life with Always-On Display
  • Six-Month Fitbit Premium Membership Included
  • One-Month Trial of YouTube Music Premium for Ad-Free Music Streaming
  • Call Functionality for Added Convenience
  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Interface
  • Fitness & Outdoor Features for Active Lifestyles
Google Pixel Watch 2 Smartwatch

Save $10 with coupon (limited sizes/colours)

Google Pixel Watch 2 Smartwatch (Obsidian Active Strap, Free Size)

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Bezel Less Smart Watch Under 5000 INR

If you’re in the market for a Bezel Less Smart watch without breaking the bank, there are several excellent options available for under 5000 INR. These smartwatches combine sleek design with a range of features, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers. For those looking for a Bezel Less Smart watch under 5000 INR, here are some great options:

  • beatXP Unbound
  • Pebble Cosmos Prime
  • Amazfit Pop 3S Smart Watch
  • Pebble Cosmos Endure
  • Noise Halo Plus Elite Edition Smartwatch
beatXP Unbound NeobeatXP Unbound Neo 1.8″ Super AMOLED Display, Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch, 100+ Sports Modes, 500 Nits Brightness, Health & SpO2 Monitoring (Black)Buy Now
Pebble Cosmos PrimeNewly Launched Pebble Cosmos Prime Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch, Largest 1.91″ Bezel-less Edge-to-Edge Display, 600 Nits Brightness, Sleek Metallic Body, Wireless Charging, Health Suite(Moon light Blue)Buy Now
Amazfit Pop 3S Smart WatchAmazfit Pop 3S Smart Watch with 1.96″ AMOLED Display, Bluetooth Calling, SpO2, 12-Day Battery Life, AI Voice Assistance, 100 Sports Modes, 24H HR Monitor, Music Control, Over 100 Watch Faces (Black)Buy Now
Pebble Cosmos EndurePebble Cosmos Endure 1.46″ AMOLED Always-On Display Bluetooth Calling IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch 466 * 466 (Jet Black)Buy Now
Noise Halo PlusNoise Halo Plus 1.46″ Super AMOLED Display Elite Smart Watch, Bluetooth Calling, Stainless Steel Build, Always on Display, Upto 7 Days Battery (Elite Black)Buy Now

These Bezel Less Smart watch under 5000 INR cater to different preferences and requirements, providing a range of features to suit various lifestyles. Whether you prioritize fitness tracking, a sleek design, or a balance of both, you’re likely to find a suitable option within this price range.

Bezel Less Smart Watch Under 2000 INR

When it comes to finding a Bezel Less Smart watch on a budget, the under 2000 INR range offers a diverse selection of impressive options. These smartwatches provide a sleek bezel-less design while packing essential features that won’t break the bank. If you’re on a tighter budget, consider these Bezel Less Smart watches under 2000 INR:

  • Fire Boltt Vogue Smartwatch
  • Boat Wave Edge Smartwatch
  • Ambrane Wise Eon Max Smartwatch
  • Hammer Pulse X
  • Pebble Newly Launched Cruise
Fire-Boltt Newly Launched VogueFire-Boltt Newly Launched Vogue Large 2.05″ Display Smart Watch, Always On Display, Wireless Charging, App Based GPS with Bluetooth Calling & 500+ Watch Faces (Chain Silver)Buy Now
boAt Wave Edge Smart WatchboAt Wave Edge Smart Watch with 1.85″ HD Display, Advanced Bluetooth Calling Chip, Functional Crown, 100+ Sports Modes,Widget Control,AI Voice Assistance,Inbuilt Games, IP68(Active Black)Buy Now
Wise EON Max2.01″ Bluetooth calling with Lucid Display™ 24*7 Health Monitoring: Heart Rate, SPO2 & Pedometer 10 Days Battery, IP68 Water ResistanceBuy Now
HAMMER Pulse XHAMMER Pulse X 1.83″ Display Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling, Voice Assistant & 60+ Sports Modes, SpO2, Heart Rate Tracking (Black)Buy Now
Pebble Newly Launched Cruise Pebble Newly Launched Cruise 1.96″ Infinite Display, 320 * 386 High-Resolution BT Calling Smartwatch, Rotating Crown, AI Health Sensors & Voice Assistant, 125+Sports Mode, 100+Watch Faces – Jet BlackBuy Now

These Bezel Less Smart watches under 2000 INR offer great value and a stylish design. Despite their budget-friendly nature, they provide a seamless visual experience and a host of features to meet the needs of budget-conscious consumers seeking both style and substance.

Bezel Less Smart Watch Under 3000 INR

For those looking for a blend of affordability and enhanced features, the under 3000 INR range offers a variety of Bezel Less Smart watches. These smartwatches boast sleek bezel-less designs, providing a larger display area and an appealing aesthetic. Here are the Bezel Less Smart watches that provide excellent value under 3000 INR:

  • Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus
  • Ignite S4 Max
  • IZI Smart Pro
  • FireBoltt Ring Plus
  • Pebble Cosmos Ultra
Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro PlusFire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus 1.83″ Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling, AI Voice Assistance, 100 Sports Modes IP67 Rating, 240 * 280 Pixel High ResolutionBuy Now
CrossBeats Ignite S4 Max BT Calling SmartwatchCrossBeats Ignite S4 Max BT Calling Smartwatch, 1.9” Edge-to-Edge UHD TrueHue™ Always on Display 320×385 Pixels SnapCharge™ Calculator, 500+ Watch Faces, AI Health Feature-BlackBuy Now
IZI Smart Pro IZI Smart Pro 1.92″ Retina Display Bluetooth Calling SmartWatch, Always on Display, AI Voice Assistant, Activity Tracker, ECG, SPO2, BP, 500+ WatchFaces, 5 Days Battery, 2 Premium StrapsBuy Now
Fire-Boltt Ring Plus Bluetooth Calling SmartwatchFire-Boltt Ring Plus Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with Largest 1.9″ Full Touch Display & Full Metal Body, AI Voice, Over 100 Sports Modes, SpO2, Heart Rate TrackingBuy Now
Pebble Cosmos UltraPebble Newly Launched Cosmos Prime Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch,Largest 1.91″ Bezel-Less Edge-to-Edge Display,600 Nits Brightness, Sleek Metallic Body, WirelessBuy Now

These Bezel Less Smart watches under 3000 INR offer an excellent balance of style, features, and affordability. The bezel-less design not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to a more immersive user experience, making these smartwatches an attractive choice for those looking to stay within budget without compromising on functionality.

Bezel Less Smart Watch Under 1500 INR

For budget-conscious consumers, the under 1500 INR range offers a selection of Bezel Less Smart watches that balance style, functionality, and affordability. Despite the price constraint, these smartwatches feature a bezel-less design, ensuring a modern and attractive look. Let’s delve into the details of some of the noteworthy Bezel Less Smart watches available in this budget-friendly range:

  1. Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro
  2. beatXP Vega Neo 1.43
  3. Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Max Smartwatch
  4. boult drift plus watch
  5. pTron Force X12n Watch

These Bezel Less Smart Watch under 1500 INR provide an excellent balance of affordability and modern design. The bezel-less screens not only enhance the aesthetics but also offer practical advantages, ensuring a more engaging and immersive usage experience. These smartwatches cater to the needs of budget-conscious individuals, making advanced features accessible without straining the wallet.


Choosing the best Bezel Less Smart watch involves a careful consideration of your preferences and budget. Whether you opt for a high-end option like the Amazfit GTS 2 or a budget-friendly choice like the Fire Boltt Vogue, a Bezel Less Smart watch can offer a stylish and functional accessory for your everyday life.

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