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Choosing Between the Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – A 30-Day Journey

  • November 9, 2023
  • Kian

Wearing two watches might seem excessive, but for tech enthusiasts like me, it’s a lifestyle. In this article, we’ll delve into the 30-Day experience of wearing the Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7X Sapphire Edition. These two devices, equipped with dual-band GPS, excel in fitness tracking, but how do they fare in everyday life? Let’s find out.

The Battle Begins:

So, picture this – the Apple Watch Ultra, a sleek supercomputer on your wrist, faces off against the Garmin Fenix 7x Sapphire solar, dubbed the “Apple Watch Ultra of the Android world.” Our friend here has worn both for 30 days, and now faces the dilemma of choosing one before the return window closes.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7x
Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7x

What We Love About Garmin Fenix 7x:

Let’s kick things off with what our friend loves about the Garmin Fenix 7x. First up, the abundance of information on the home screen. From time and date to sunset, heart rate, steps, and battery life, it’s like having a command center on your wrist. And the ability to customize this? A total game-changer.

There’s also a handy flashlight feature that’s way cooler than the Apple Watch’s screen-based attempt. And for gym enthusiasts, the Garmin surprises with its ability to count reps during workouts and even create a post-workout body heat map. Impressive, right?


Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – Looks and Message:

Both watches make a statement, but in different languages. The rugged Garmin screams athlete, while the sleek Apple Watch hints at a blend of office professionalism and an active lifestyle. The choice may come down to what message you want your wrist wear to convey.

Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – Battery Life:

Now, here’s where Garmin shines – battery life. Our friend boasts charging it only once in a month, while the Apple Watch Ultra is a daily or every-other-day charging affair. It’s a clear win for Garmin in the battery department.

Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – Data and Complications Galore:

The Garmin Fenix 7x doesn’t shy away from data. Solar intensity, training status, body battery – it’s a fitness enthusiast’s dream. And if you’re into sleep tracking, our friend hands the mic to Alex, who’s all about Garmin’s comfort and simplicity compared to the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – Lifestyle Integration:

The Apple Watch takes the lead in everyday scenarios, from navigating city streets with Express Transit to the convenience of Apple Pay. The integration with the Apple ecosystem becomes a game-changer, allowing for a seamless experience in various daily tasks.

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere:

Garmin’s physical buttons come to the rescue for runners. No accidental triggers, no emergency calls. In contrast, the Apple Watch Ultra’s easily pressed buttons have caused some unintentional chaos.

Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – Fitness Accuracy:

Now, when it comes to fitness accuracy, the debate gets intense. Our friend leans on Shervin, the smartwatch guru, who suggests chest straps for the most accurate heart rate readings. But for everyday use, both Garmin and Apple Watch hold their ground.

Downsides of Garmin:

Time to address the downsides. Setting up watch faces on Garmin is a bit of a hassle compared to the Apple Watch’s seamless process. Apps like Garmin Connect and Connect IQ add layers of complexity, making it a daunting experience for new users.

Garmin Pay and Music Frustrations:

And then there’s Garmin Pay, a lackluster experience due to limited card support. Music lovers also face a struggle – offline Spotify requires a convoluted process, and without LTE, no streaming on the go.

Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – Notifications and Connectivity:

The Apple Watch’s cellular capabilities stand out, enabling calls, messages, and more without the need for a phone. The Garmin, while lacking cellular features, excels in battery life. It’s a trade-off between constant connectivity and extended device lifespan.

Charging Habits and Device Integration:

Charging habits differ, with the Garmin requiring less frequent charges but a slightly more involved process. The Apple Watch’s magnetic ease of use, along with its integration into the Apple ecosystem, makes it a daily companion that seamlessly fits into the user’s routine.

Running and Workout Experience:

The Garmin excels in outdoor accuracy, particularly in distance and pacing. However, the Apple Watch’s Gym Kit integration provides a unique advantage for indoor activities, syncing heart rate and pacing directly with compatible gym equipment.

Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x – Sleep and Recovery:

While both devices offer comprehensive sleep and recovery features, the Garmin introduces unique elements like a race predictor, body battery, and stress monitoring. The Apple Watch, with its integration into Apple Health Kit, provides a holistic view of the user’s overall health.

The Smartwatch Showdown:

In the smartwatch arena, the Garmin Fenix 7x takes a hit. It lacks features like Express Transit, seamless navigation, and the voice assistant prowess of the Apple Watch. Managing notifications and muting alerts without grabbing the phone? A smooth ride for Apple, a bumpy one for Garmin.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Garmin Fenix 7 – Fitness Integration:

Finally, the integration game. Apple Watch, with its Health Kit, seamlessly connects all health data. Garmin, on the other hand, demands extra steps and third-party apps for syncing. It’s a bit too complicated for our friend’s taste.

The Verdict:

In the end, the choice is clear for our friend. While the Garmin Fenix 7x is an excellent fitness watch, the Apple Watch Ultra emerges as the true smartwatch champion. The search for an Android equivalent continues, but for now, it’s a return ticket for the Garmin.


So, there you have it! The highs and lows of the Apple Watch Ultra Vs Garmin Fenix 7x journey. What’s your take on it? Would you go for the smartwatch powerhouse or the fitness-focused marvel? Let me know! Until next time, stay stylish and tech-savvy!

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